Witnessed: Football-Stars at the Super Bowl

Witnessed: Football-Stars at the Super Bowl

Last sunday it was that time again: the 52. Super Bowl as the biggest single sport event with millions of viewers around the globe. The New England Patriots lost to the underdog Philadelphia Eagles in an exciting match. As much fun as the game was, the winners impressed me even more.

Eagles quarterback, 29-year-old Nick Foles, was only the backup for the original quarterback, but took his team to victory and was named MVP of the game. But Foles is not only a great player, he is also a Christian who wants to become a pastor after his career in football. When Nick was interviewed after the game, the first thing he said was “all glory to God”.

Others players of the Philadephia Eagles are also Christians, the team has a prayer group and baptized one of them in their hotel.

Eagles Coach Doug Pederson was asked after the game, how he can explain his career and this victory. His answer: “I can only give the praise to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for giving me this opportunity.” Zach Ertz, who made the winning touchdown, also said that he and his team would not be there without God.

I love those testimonies. These men worked hard to get to the Super Bowl and to win it, contrary to all predictions. The happiness about the win is huge, but to not put the own achievement first but be thankful to God instead and tell that on television with millions of people watching is awesome. It shows how important their faith is to them, when they think about Jesus in their moment of victory and the glory to him.

A lot of football players in the NFL are Christians who are not afraid to share their faith. They also worked on a bible study with YouVersion that can be accessed online or via the app.

Let these men inspire you to profess your faith in Jesus and give glory to him in your greatest achievements.

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