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Good Weather Forecast: Superhumans

Do you feel superhuman? I guess we all had some moments where we were like “Here I am, world, bring it on!” and were ready to take on anything life throws at us. This might work sometimes, but then life really starts throwing things like bills, rent, worries and more and when reality hits us smack in the face we feel less superhuman and more like we are really and completely a super-limited human.

Right now, I do feel super and I do feel human. It’s the combination I have problems with. My super feeling is because I am about to finish university, but reality has already shown me the human-side of things. Applying to jobs I thought were perfect for me but apparently the companies didn’t share that opinion. Having to figure out what comes next in my life. A lot of mundane, human things.

And then I come across the new album from “Good Weather Forecast” called “Superhumans”. It’s awesome and I love it, but having “Superhumans” stuck in your head while feeling everything but is a challenge. Have a listen:

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